The Palo Duro Canyon

This is day one of a much needed vacation for the two of us!  We decided to take a full week and travel Northwest to Santa Fe, New Mexico with a one day stop-over in Amarillo.  The main intent for this one day short trip was to spend a few hours exploring

Visitor’s Center Palo Duro State Park

the Palo Duro Canyon.  The name Palo Duro is Spanish for “hard wood”, which is a reference to the Juniper trees that are common in the canyon.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the sheer beauty of the cliffs and the spectacular colors in the strata formations.  Here are a few photos we took today.

The visitor’s center was an easy drive from the park entrance and had some window views of the canyon.  It was very windy when we arrived, so I was able to take some quick photos of  the canyon from inside the visitor’s center.

Danny in the Visitor’s Center















Palo Duro Canyon View

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