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The Purpose of this Blog

Both science and art allow people to view the world for what it is and what it could be.  I am a scientist who loves art.  Sandra is an artist who loves science.  Aaron is a luthier who relies on both art and science to create his amazing classical guitars.  With this in mind, the purpose of this blog is to explore and record our thoughts regarding the physical, social, and cultural world around us.  Hopefully our readers will glean some value from our musings or at least gain some understanding from our viewpoint.  We plan to focus on the following:


  • The nature of art.
  • The art of nature.
  • Instances of the marriage of art and science. Any combination of art and science that enhances the enjoyment and meaning of life.
  • Any aspect of art and science that exposes myth and superstition and promotes the truth.
  • Cultural and social implications of art, science and the combination of the two.
  • Examples showing that almost anyone can enhance their life by opening the door to exploration and adventure using the keys of art and science.
  • Links to and interactions with other sites and blogs that emphasize any of the above.
  • Anything else where we feel we can add some insight.

Types of Art

When we refer to art, we mean art in a broad inclusive sense of the term. This will include the fine arts of drawing, painting and sculpture. It will also include the creative and performing arts of music, writing, theater, craftsmanship and any other means that people use to express themselves. The main criteria is that of free artistic creative expression of thoughts and ideas.

Types of Science

Science will include both the natural sciences and the social sciences. An important criteria here is that the scientific method is strictly being followed.  We are not interested in pseudo-science except to expose it for what it is – a hoax.

This will be done in a way that is fun and adventuresome. We hope to do this in a creative and artistic way that encourages dialog and subsequent understanding from those who honor us by visiting and reading what we have to offer. This will be a collaboration of Danny Ringo who is a scientist that loves art and music, Sandra Ringo who is an artist that loves science, and Aaron Ringo who is a luthier and musician who is an authority on the subject of music and the art and science of building guitars.

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I hope you enjoy the blog!

Danny Ringo

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